The Crop Improvement Division, formally known as the Breeding Division is without doubt the oldest Division of CSIR-Oil Palm Research Institute. It started in 1961 when the Institute received introduced materials (Advanced) from the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR), for breeding and seed production. Other introductions were made from IRHO, Malaysia, Honduras and Dami Papua New Guinea subsequently.

The Division is headed by Dr. Enoch Sapey (Snr. Research Scientist) and has Research Scientists, Technologists, and Technical Officers among others as staff.

To continuously develop improved oil palm planting materials for supply to the oil palm industry within the country, the West African Sub-region and beyond.

To establish and maintain a broad genetic base for sustainable improvement of the crop through active prospection/collection of genetic materials from the wild, germplasm exchange with sister research organizations, introductions and other novel approaches of creating variability such as the use of induced mutations.


Ongoing Research

Main Breeding Programme

The objective of the Main Breeding Programme is to provide the necessary parent stock by introductions, selection and subsequent breeding for the production of high quality planting materials. Important projects under the main breeding programme include:

  • Progeny/Comparative Trials (to discover general and specific combining abilities)
  • Breeding Blocks (for selection of mother palms and pollen sources for seed production)
The major achievement under the main breeding programme has been the identification and selection of many outstanding combinations for commercial seed production over the years. Current planting materials (Deli x Aba and Deli x Calabar combinations) have FFB yields of 20-22 tons/ha/yr with corresponding oil yields of 4.0-5.0 tons/ha/yr and tolerance to drought and wilt.
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