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The programme has over 50 years of research experience in oil palm and has built the capacity and developed a cream of Research Scientists, Technologists and Technicians for consultancy and training in oil palm nursery, establishment and management in Ghana and in the rest of Africa. Its breeding division has produced high yielding hybrid oil palm planting material with a yield potential of 22-26 tons per ha per year for farmers and large estates in Africa and for the Far East in Asia.

The local unimproved type yields 0.5-1.0 ton per ha per year. Ghana Sumatra Ltd (GSL) is mandated to commercialize the improved tenera oil palm seeds of CSIR-OPRI. The GSL is a CSIR-owned seed company, located at the premises of CSIR-OPRI at Kusi near Kade in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The company is ISO-9001-2015 certified and a strategic partner of the CSIR-OPRI. The company has a high response capacity to produce and deliver ISO-certified seeds to customers both in Ghana and outside Ghana

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CSIR-Oil Palm Research Institute, P.O.Box KD 74, Kade, Eastern Region.

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