The Corporate CSIR Commercialization mission is to foster linkage between the private sector and public sector research and development institutions to encourage the commercial exploitation of public sector research output by the private sector. This shall enhance the technological capacity of the private sector as well as generate income for public sector research institutes through the marketing of technologies and services.

The objective of CSIR- OPRI within this context is to develop appropriate marketing strategies to reach our customers; organizations and individual, to sale of our research products, technologies and services in order to generate maximum revenue.

The main revenue sources are;

  • Sale of transplantable oil palm seedlings
  • Sale of transplantable coconut seedlings
  • Sale of Fresh Fruit Bunches
  • Sale of Coconut Fruits
  • Consultancies/Training
  • Project support
  • Collaborative research

The Commercialization Division comprises
  • ICT Section
  • Sales and Marketing Section
  • Socio economic research section

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