The Agronomy Division is one of the core divisions of this institution, through which mission and visions of the CSIR-OPRI are met. The Division has four sections; vegetative, yield, meteorology and nursery. The Division currently has twenty three (23) staff members, of which three are Research Scientist, one principal technologist, eleven technicians and eight overseer/labourers

Increase the productivity of oil palm through practical application and use of results from research on crop and environment interaction, which enhance the production potential of recommended planting materials.
  • To develop a sustainable agro-management/cultural practices to ensure optimumproduction of oil palm.
  • To improve yield of oil palm through practical agronomic application
  • To improve oil palm and farm animal production

Vegetative section

This section deals with the vegetative parameters and growth of oil palm and other inter crops to determine the interaction.

Yield Section

This section is responsible for the yield of the oil palm and other inter-planted crops.

Meteorology section

This section takes daily data on the weather parameters and helps interpret to establish suitable weather patterns for farming.


Areas of Specialization

The division specializes in the following disciplines/thematic areas:

  • Climate change and adaptation
  • Weed management strategies
  • Nutrient recapitalization
  • Farming and cropping systems

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